"The only source of profit, the only reason to invest in companies in the future is their ability to innovate and their ability to differentiate."

Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE

We believe driving transformational change within your business is the real challenge in staying competitive in today• s world marketplace • and there are many well reported success stories.

However, success is not guaranteed! Companies in Europe spent an estimated $35billion in 2004. Despite the huge spend on change programmes across Europe; many companies did not achieve their desired outcomes.

.....achieving success within a 'safe and assured' change management framework

Focus on tangible savings;

Examples of savings on an actual project:

.......typically 10-20% of operating costs

Using our proven approach to;

Eliminate waste / innovate and renew supply chain
... through
lean tools and methodology

Improve quality / reduce waste
... through the
Six Sigma process

Develop people
... through effective
leadership and training

Measure success
... through our unique
metrics to track savings to the P&L and enable accountability

As reported by client testimonials

Supported by our associate partners enabling;

Work:Life balance

... through systems that better mannage employee work needs; a necessity in today's business world and to comply with EU/UK legislation on working hours. Available through Multitime Systems Ltd.

Corporate recovery, business funding and restructuring

...through direct access to hundreds of private investors, self-funding finance and progressive company sale or MBI. Available through CMR Ltd.

Stay focussed on Stakeholder Value

We address four principal parts of the business, it• s; people, processes, products and customers.

Rate of improvement in these areas depends on the organisation• s current position, and its strategic imperatives necessary to take the business forward.

ICP Model for Increasing Stakeholder Value

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We provide cost effective solutions in all of these areas that lead to:

• Improved product and service quality
• Quicker, more reliable on-time delivery performance
• Lower inventories
• Reduced overheads
• Fewer non-added value operations

...and ultimately a competitive advantage that increases market share and stakeholder value.


To offer our clients world-class solutions to their challenges focussed on delivering stakeholder value

In our increasingly competitive and changing marketplace, we listen to and understand our clients• requirements, and then, in partnership provide consultancy, training and coaching services focussed on delivering outstanding measurable results.


We work in partnership with our clients to innovate new ways of thinking focussed on increasing stakeholder value, unlocking potential and the inherent resistance to change.

Our strength is our breadth of real-life experiences and general management background, working as a team and as individuals.

Specifically we;

Deliver measurable benefits from focussed opportunities that are cost and/or customer driven, according to our clients• strategic objectives.

Develop an organisation• s greatest asset effectively, its people; understanding that different people learn in different ways and perceive change very differently

Build a critical mass of excellence enabling our clients to become self sufficient very quickly to continue transformations that reach out to all parts of the organisation

Recognise and value achievement engendering a desire, inspiration, innovation and a real sense of purpose and self worth.


Our goal is to make a real difference to the performance of our clients• leadership teams, at whatever level and function in the organisation, so they inturn are able to make a real difference to the business.

We create this difference by providing

Team of experienced, mature professionals who offer consultancy, training and coaching to organisations focussed on increasing stakeholder value, either by reducing cost and/or better delighting customers.

History and capability of over 200 assignments carried out over the last 20 years. We have helped organisations throughout the world; from the USA to China, Sweden to South Africa, to make substantial and sustainable improvement.

Record of achieving continued success in some of the world• s leading organisations as well as many SME• s, in delivering substantial and sustainable benefits.

Flexible and focussed approach and resources by listening to our clients, and supporting their strategies and policies, not ours.

Trusting relationships working in a non-threatening, supportive and transparent way to create the right environment for people to learn and then apply new knowledge effectively.

Technically competent, skilled trainers and therefore able to provide a wide range of bespoke training workshops focussed on realising the potential of our clients• people. Off-the-shelf training programmes, in our view, need to stay on-the-shelf.

Expert process/skill coaching that is aligned to optimising the learning and doing experience • both for your people and the organisation as a whole.

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