The BFQ follows a 'hands-on' process.

• A rigorous process is followed that includes personal engagement with individuals seeking GB, BB or MBB external assessment
• All candidates must pass an ‘open-book’ on-line exam that can be taken at home, of course after training has been completed. Pass mark 80% GB, 70% BB.
• A GB must complete 1 project and then submit a project report [storyboard] for assessment by a panel of experts
• A BB must complete 2 projects/reports and be assessed in the same way
• The report will be assessed meticulously and must demonstrate use of lean/ six sigma tools
• Verified savings of at least £25k must have been sustained for a minimum of 3 months
• All candidates have to attend an interview with a BQF assessment panel of between one to two hours for them to assess the individuals’ knowledge, understanding and use of the tools - this is the acid test.
• A feedback report will be issued with the award, and with reason for failure.
• The BQF require the company to be a member of the Foundationn


• All ASQ assessments are based on an external 4 hour ‘open-book’ multiple choice examination, plus the following prior requirements
   o GB: a minimum of 3 years professional experience operating within their GB body of knowledge. No project is required
   o BB as above for GB plus 1 project, or 2 projects if less than 3 years.
• Exams are taken usually twice a year on the same day in each country
   o GB’s are 1st Saturday in June and December
   o BB’s are 1st Saturday in March and Oct
• The ASQ do not accredit an ‘in-company’ MBB to carryout GB and BB assessments on their behalf in the same way as the BQF
• Other important notes
   o There is a 73% pass level for the exam and to date the pass rate been a 62%
   o To date 10278 BB’s are registered [last 6 years] and 4743 GB’s [last 4 years]
• To become a MBB requires a minimum of 5 yrs experience as a BB or 10 BB projects and be an ASQ BB. Also, a 2.5hrs multiple choice external exam must be passed.

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