“We have found that by reaching for what appears to be the impossible, we often actually do the impossible….”

Jack Welch former CEO of General Electric

Every business needs to be aware that it needs to innovate to grow. In fact innovation may be one of the only sources for sustainable competitive advantage and enduring success in today’s fast – changing business world.

An international survey by BCG Inc. in 2005 of 940 senior executives around the world ranked the companies they thought were most innovative. Apple was their first choice and they said that Steve Job has turned Apple into the paragon of the creative corporation. 3M, General Electric, Sony, Microsoft and Dell were also in the top six.

And 74% of these senior executives said that they would increase their spending on innovation during 2005.

The innovation driving these companies forward is based on an intimate understanding of ‘customer culture’ – the ability to determine what people want even before they can articulate it.

Increasingly the new core competence is creativity – exercising the right brain to generate the imagination and above all, innovation.

The European Commission recently published its new Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, which will run from 2007 to 2013, to promote enterprise, competitiveness and innovation across Europe. It has proposed a budget of €4 billion to implement this programme

A UK survey by Vodafone in 2005 said; “…that 54% of the 2020 workers surveyed were not encouraged to be creative or to present ideas to managers. Also, that 70% said their companies do not have a good reputation for rewarding innovation.

George Cox, Chairman of the Design Council said; “Companies need both a culture for encouraging new ideas and a process for evaluating suggestions and doing something about them.”

…..This is a major challenge for all of us!

Innovation is about implementing creativity – and that means harnessing the wealth of latent talent within the organisation!

We believe in four business imperatives;

• Customer focussed improvement - determined, prioritised and agreed at the outset
• Training aligned to the challenge – using both creativity & imagination, and analytical knowledge fact based decision-making tools & techniques
• Process/skill coaching - assures effective implementation and success.
• Effective metrics – installed to measure success and identify further improvements.

We support our clients to; empower people, by;

• Creating teams which are the best way for generating ideas and being creative for innovation.
• Clear objectives that allow people to know what is expected of them
• Recognising achievement with encouragement and reinforced learning
• Coaching effective implementation of new ideas
• Building a culture based on trust that gives people the opportunity and freedom to succeed.

Overcome the fear of doing things differently, by;

• Understanding peoples’ fears and that for some, doing things differently, even the very thought of change can become a nightmare with the uncertainty of not knowing if I can cope; and this can be a major resistor to change. For others it’s an inspirational time for satisfying a genuine desire to improve.
• Being receptive to people having these beliefs and feelings, and using the right strategies, such as;

o Encouraging people to take risks, and reassuring them that those risks are necessary and worthwhile
o Explaining that doing nothing too has its own risks – survival
o Mentoring and working with peers who are less fearful about change

Use proven innovative techniques effectively, that;

• Harness the creativity and original thinking to generate good ideas
• Allow rational and logical reasoning for effective decision making
• Provide both technical and non-technical skills relevant to solving the problem
• Drive fact-based decision making
• Measure success

This is crucial to succeed in transforming your organisation into something significantly better, for the long term. To be an innovative company, your people need to be creative, but also this must be coupled and aligned with left brain analytical knowledge – fact based decision making.

Furthermore, process skill coaching is paramount to help and support people in implementing improvements to their work.



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