At Innovation Consultancy Partnership, we have a team whose expertise and breadth of experience spans some of the world’s leading corporations, as well as supporting small to medium sized companies, particularly in the UK.

This has been gained working in the field of change management and business improvement, over 25 years.

We are all professionally qualified, mature and able to provide the objectivity, and innovative thinking needed for your business to grow.

Our assignments have taken us throughout the UK as well to many parts of the world; from North America to China, Scandinavia to South Africa.

We have held senior management posts within many UK companies as well as Professional Firms, including PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Private Sector
Micro Technology – Global

Project Leader responsible for three work-streams contributing to substantial benefits of circa £6.5m reduction of costs based on Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement. This assignment was based in the UK, but also included sites in India and France. Main deliverables were supporting the development and delivery of new Lean Six Sigma materials, selecting and then coaching newly trained Green Belts and Black Belts in their projects, creating a new Global continuous improvement process, and installing DMAIC governance metrics to manage the process and initiate new opportunities.

Wind Energy – Global

I was engaged as part of a team to improve business performance of a wind turbine blade manufacturer with operations in China, North America, Spain, India and Poland with the specific objectives of reducing both field failures and internal costs of non-quality. Also developed and implemented a unique defects containment metric that enabled their identification and detection at source, and an MSA process that evaluated inspection performance to increase defect detection and selimination, and validate/ improve the training process.

Engineering and Technology – European leader

Responsible for developing client specific Six Sigma materials in both English and German, and then delivering workshops for circa 150 staff across Europe as an integral part of the company’s process improvement and cost reduction strategy. This included on-site coaching in the UK, Germany and Spain.

Telecoms – Mobile Phone Business

Six Sigma Programme Leader, responsible for developing client specific materials and training over 200 managers and staff through a six month curriculum in Six Sigma over a two year period. This was a global assignment and achieved savings in excess of $18m. The work also included steering team meetings and contributing to overall strategy, project identification, team selection, KPI’s, and savings. The majority of this work was carried out in Scandinavia, China and the USA.

During the assignment I developed a Six Sigma Assessment Tool to determine critical operational and strategic strengths & weaknesses in the areas of; leadership, communication, organisational learning, implementation, infrastructure, critical mass, coordination, reward & recognition and results planning. This is an Excel based tool that is fully automated as a multi-tiered fishbone and used to track progress.

FMCG - Food & Drink UK Beverages Group

Totally accountable for supporting a major UK drinks client to introduce change across key operations, working with and coaching teams in Lean process improvement in the bottling plant, setting up Kaizen Teams, introducing SMED, 5S’s and Statistical Process Control resulting in efficiency and productivity savings of £4.5m during an 18 month period.

Food Business – SME Scottish Company

Overall responsibility for delivering an operational ‘turn-around’ programme that achieved savings in overheads and made productivity improvement. This work meant using Lean Techniques; QFD, RCM, Kanban, Takt Time and Line, Balancing and 5S’s, all required to ensure a successful management buy-out.

Automotive – European First Tier Supplier

Engaged over a 26 week period to set up Just-in-Time delivery schedules, and introduce new quality management systems. I worked with client teams to reduce product variability using Taguchi Methods Robust Design that reduced scrap by 17% and increased machine utilisation by 24%.

Water Utility – UK

Senior Project Manager responsible for leading a change program geared towards achieving over £20m annualized savings over a period of 38 weeks working closely with client managers and staff; the project was based on installing a new Performance Management system. This enabled a structured and client driven cost reduction process, better asset management, CRM, profitability improvements, reduced debt and efficiency savings in Service Delivery, Logistics, Contracting and Administration.

Major Bio-refinery – Norway

Senior Project Leader responsible for introducing cost reduction measures and achieving $32m savings working with managers and cross functional teams to introduce radical changes within operational and support functional units. Specifically, reduced variable costs, increased run-rate and quality, and introduced planned and preventive maintenance management.

Oil Refinery – UK

Introduced Total Productive Maintenance at the plant to reduce cost and create a greater ownership of plant & equipment maintenance by operators using the Pillars of TPM. Key metrics based on OEE were installed, 5S and kaizen teams set up and extensive training and coaching carried out to embed new ways of working. This increased output through higher equipment utilisation and a better motivated workforce.

Engineering & Technology – Leading European Group

Responsible for developing client specific Six Sigma materials in both English and German, and then delivering workshops and coaching for c150 staff across Europe [UK, Germany and Spain], to deliver Black Belt projects with substantial savings as an integral part of the company’s process improvement and cost reduction strategy.

Coal-fired Electricity Generation – UK

I was engaged as part of a team to improve maintenance performance over a period of 30 weeks to improve utilisation of plant & equipment, reduce cost and risk. Specifically introduced RCM to avoid, minimize and/ or eliminate the consequences of failure using the 7-step approach including FMEA, risk management and condition based monitoring.

Public Sector

Central Government – UK Wide

The UK Border Agency is responsible for securing the UK border and controlling migration in the UK. They manage border control for the UK, enforcing immigration and customs regulations and consider applications for permission to enter or stay in the UK, and for citizenship and asylum. UKBA is a key Home Office Department.

The assignment extended over two years and included carrying out an extensive analysis of existing case-working operations throughout UKBA. Recommendations were made to the Board and the go-ahead given to radically improve administrative case-working processes. Lean Techniques were used to reduce non-value add activities, improve productivity and also to reduce lead-time as part of eliminating a build-up of old cases. Worked with Government staff and own team to analyse critically opportunities for improvement and introduce sustainable improvement. This was geared to reducing cost in line with new budgetary targets, and improved productivity savings that have exceeded 30% to date.

This work gained the “Best Example of Performance Improvement” in the Supplier Value and Innovation Awards for 2010.

New training workshops were created embracing Lean process analysis and improvement within the context of a Performance Management Framework training programme. I was responsible for their delivery and the subsequent coaching of a core team of civil servants enabling them to embed new ways of working. Metrics showed a 41% impact in their achievement and development.

Ministry of Justice

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority - Glasgow

CICA is the government body responsible for administering the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in England, Scotland and Wales. They operate out of an office in the centre of Glasgow and currently employ over 450 staff. This is a free service to victims of violent crime to recognise their suffering and give them some financial support that may help them move on.

Lean techniques were used to radically reduce non value add work, lost time, double handling of correspondence and streamlining operations. New case-work strategies were created that enabled 3rd Party [i.e. police and doctors] and Area Focus teams to be set-up that developed more meaningful customer: supplier team relationship so that case-work could dealt with in the shortest possible time with minimal effort.

The Scottish Enterprise

The Scottish Enterprise is Scotland’s main economic development agency, and plays a pivotal role in building a stronger, more competitive economy. By working with its partners and customers, the primary role is to act as a catalyst for change, sharing risk to enable others to stimulate greater, better and faster investment in the Scottish economy. The prize at stake is more rapid and more sustainable growth in incomes and employment. It covers our 12 Local Enterprise Company (LEC) areas, working across local and regional boundaries.

We were engaged as an Interim Manager reporting at director level. This role included developing and agreeing benefits realisation plans for major change programmes, preparing business cases, developing key performance indicators and implementation planning to introduce new Business Gateway services.

Other Important Achievements

Fully developed and delivered Lean Six Sigma modules and coaching processes to managers and staff, and specifically those seeking to become accredited to Black Belt and Green Belt status for the BQF and/or ASQ. The workshops are supported by a series of tailored coaching programmes that are often the difference that makes the difference in reducing non-value add and improving customer service.

A unique Storyboard Workbook and Dashboard is used to enable mangers and staff to work through the whole Lean Six Sigma process with rigour, clarity and structure to ‘gold-plate’ and implement the best possible solution[s]. A 9-step Continuous Improvement Process that embraces Governance has also been developed and is central to the Lean Six Sigma Transformation Project Model.

Examples of actual savings on specific assignments:

“The efficiency program has exceeded the stretch target we agreed for ourselves last July and this is in no small way due to the contribution of your team. You provided the drive and vigour consistently over the 38 week program and earned the respect at all levels for your approach”.
...D. B. Improvement Programme Manager

“I just wanted to show my thanks for the fantastic effort from all of you. You were able to manage a difficult situation and still deliver a great piece of work”
...J.P. General Manager – Europe

“You are doing a fantastic job”
...R.J. Director of Quality and Operational Development Supply and IT

“My impression of the program is that it was very well done. It was a pleasure to see you in action”
...C.S. Design Director

"There is great learning to be had for us as a business from the recent major change project and some fresh thinking that you brought to the project. I am highly supportive of disseminating both the specific experiences from the project and the more general and extensive consultancy experience brought to our firm."
...A.W. Senior Operation Manger

“Your contribution to the change management process was instrumental in convincing me it was worthwhile to do the buyout”
...A. H. Managing Director

“Graham exceeded our expectations, for example; in effectively resolving a number of critical issues related to benefits realisation, and how the savings within the business case would materialise. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for future work elsewhere”
... C. E. Director Business Improvement


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